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Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2005 and is a non-profit 501 C3, tax exempt organization. The sanctuary was conceived by taking custody of the animals at a previously privately run organization called Piggy Pals. Although Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary will be rescuing and fighting for the rights of Pot Belly pigs like Piggy Pals once did, it will also open its doors to the many other types of animals it is capable of sustaining. Although the sanctuary will focus their efforts towards farm animal issues, it will not be limited to those issues.

Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary does not support breeding of any kind. The sanctuary only promotes the rescue, care, and placement of animals in need, as well as educating and assisting the public with animal care and knowledge. Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary will be working toward building an education program to enlighten people about the cruelty and abuses that so many animals suffer in the industries of our society. The sanctuary also promotes a healthy, cruelty-free vegan lifestyle.

Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary stands against oppression and violence towards all beings and hopes that its little “piece of peace” will continue to spread a little happiness and show people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for some and to empower people to continue to fight for and acknowledge those who may never see a light. Through knowledge comes power, strength and consciousness. We hope that by setting an example and showing people that all animals deserve the respect and consideration that we all long for, that they may make a change in their life to choose compassion and selflessness over pain and selfishness. Choosing to not contribute to another beings pain and suffering is one of the most meaningful and worthwhile choices one can make. The change that can come by doing this is immeasurable, and can profoundly affect one’s life for the better in many ways.


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