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Pope, the lap-sitting Goat

Meet Pope.

Pope is the sweetest of sheep and it is so difficult to get a good picture of him.

When Pope came to us he was timid. We were told he was standoffish and that he could be somewhat intimidating. He would act as if he were about to charge. But since his arrival at the Sanctuary he has warmed up so much he will actually sit in my lap. And we just love him so much and we are just delighted to have him as a resident.

Please consider a donation to the sanctuary

We are always needing help and have very little regular funding. If you can help us with our monthly operational costs we would be so very grateful. We still only have a handful of monthly donations totaling under $150 a month. Our monthly costs are roughly $2,000, and that does not include veterinary costs, maintenance or improvements.

We are still rebuilding from the loss of the fire and struggling from the time out of work with Monty being in and out of the hospital. In January Monty goes in for another surgery and hopefully we will only be out of commission for a few weeks. The sanctuary still lives on and we are trying our best to serve the community. If you are unable to donate now, please consider other options for supporting the sanctuary animals. If donating is an option you may set up a re-occurring monthly donation or a one-time gift. Your generous donation will assist us in providing food, medication, and bedding for the animals, as well as the shelter and fencing improvements, veterinary care and much more! Thank you so much for your consideration!

Newly arrived Dooby, with Percy Sheep

Newly arrived Dooby, with Percy Sheep

Welcome to Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary

Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2005 and is a registered 501(c)(3). Although the Sanctuary focuses on the rescue of farm animals, it is also dedicated to the rescue, care and placement of any animal in need.


We stand against oppression and violence towards all beings and hope that our little “piece of peace” will continue to spread a little happiness and will encourage and empower people to fight for those helpless animals who have no say in their destiny.

We hope that our efforts ultimately educate the general public about the cruelty and abuses suffered by both domesticated and farmed animals and will help promote a healthy, cruelty-free vegan lifestyle of compassion and selflessness.