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Tabitha was rescued, along with a large group of pigs, from a
hoarding case, which also had several hindered, unaltered pigs.

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When she first arrived at the sanctuary Tabitha was terrified, malnourished and riddled with parasites. Today she happily roams the fields, rooting in the dirt and foraging for acorns.

Inspiring Compassion Through Film

Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary is proud to sponsor the 5th annual Animal Film Festival!

Saturday, February 17
Center for the Arts in Grass Valley

Grateful for Frankie!

Frankie says Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful that Frankie is alive, happy and safe! You can’t tell, but in the first picture, he is giving me a morning gobble, gobble, gobble!        ❤️

Donate to care for Frankie’s well being at:

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We love the rain! Well, Humphrey does! Getting wet is all part of the fun. This old man is probably about 18 years old and he is feisty as ever. Humphrey was abandoned on a property with several other water birds and we stepped in to rescue him in 2004!

Since we have been at the Penn Valley location he has raised many orphaned Canadian Geese, but sadly is broken-hearted when they eventually decide to join wild flocks. He does have other domestic goose friends, but he is drawn to the babies. Such a special guy. We love you Humphrey!

Humphrey would like you to sponsor an orphaned Canadian Goose. Please donate today at:



Enjoying some fallen persimmons before the rain hits!


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