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Miss Flower

Miss Flower, the love of our lives, napping on one of the dog beds. She always waits at the sliding glass doors to come inside. She helps herself to whatever food we have left out for her, then she takes over the bed for a snooze. That’s her daily routine. What a girl!  ❤️   We love her!


After all she’s been through, she deserves it and it only happens thanks to our donors!

Miss Flower

Miss Flower decided to come visit me while I was working out on the porch today. We love this girl so much! She was originally on a neighboring property with a flock of 150 wild chickens. When we moved in, we built a bunny enclosure off the porch. She soon figured out a way in and never wanted to leave. Now 12 years later she still does her own thing. If she wants to be with chickens she walks in and runs the show, or she follows us around. Flower is truly a special girl like no other!

Miss Flower Collage