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Sponsoring a sanctuary animal is one of the most rewarding and impactful ways you can contribute to the sanctuary. You can sponsor an animal for yourself or sponsor an animal in honor of a loved one. There are several special needs animals that require a little extra funding to get them what they need. But, you may sponsor any animal at the sanctuary.

There are two ways to sponsor an animal. Either through our monthly sponsorship program or our yearly sponsorship program. The cost of the donations depends on the type of animal and if they have special needs. Please browse our gallery below and read the stories of a few of our sanctuary animals. If you prefer you may request that the money goes to whoever is most in need at the time. You may also just pick a general sponsorship for a particular species. Any money donated assists with the daily needs of your sponsored animal friend.

When you choose to sponsor an animal you will receive a picture of your new sponsored friend along with their biography. You will also receive a sponsor update letter twice a year. Sponsor Form.


Oliver, happy and secure at the Sanctuary

Oliver came to the Sanctuary when he was about 4-months old. He had been purchased from a young woman who lived in Davis. Oliver was shipped from Texas to California when he was 6-weeks old. After his new mom had him for just a couple of months, she was informed that she couldn’t keep him in her home. She gave him to a frat house in Davis to babysit while she looked for a new home for him. Oliver soon found himself harnessed to a dresser, where he was continually harassed and fed beer. A visitor to the frat house eventually contacted us and begged for help. We agreed to take him. When he arrived at the Sanctuary he was severely underweight and his harness on that become embedded into his body. Despite his unfortunate early experiences, he is now happy at Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary! You can sponsor Oliver or any of the other resident pigs for $35 a month ($420 a year).



Tadpole the goat rules the grounds!

Dollar Bill and Tadpole were resident goats at a nearby home that caught fire. We happened to be driving by and stopped to help. We offered to foster the goats, but days went by and we did not hear from anyone. We drove over to check on the goats and found them abandoned and without food or water.  We began to bring them food and water and made daily calls to animal control. A few weeks later we discovered Tadpole and Dollar Bill wandering down the road. We gathered them up and brought them back to the Sanctuary. We informed animal control, but no one ever came to claim them. Dollar Bill and Tadpole became permanent residents of the sanctuary and today they rule the place! You can sponsor Dollar Bill, Tadpole or any of the other resident goats for $15 a month ($180 a year).


Gracie loves roaming the Sanctuary grounds

Gracie was found as a stray. She was malnourished and she was in heat. She was infested with fleas, and had sores all over her body from scratching. We took her in, had her spayed and cared for her until she recovered. She fell in love with the sanctuary and has been thoroughly enjoying her life here. Sponsor Gracie or another sanctuary cat for $25 a month ($300 a year).


Scotty the Alpaca shows off his new haircut

Scotty survived on his own, neglected for 3 years. He was skinny and had severely overgrown teeth. He hadn’t been shorn and his wool was embedded with barbed wire. Sponsor Scotty for another alpaca for $30 a month ($360 a year).






Crystal is loved at the Sanctuary

For the first several years of her life, Crystal lived in a cage. She had no experience beyond her confinement and was valued only for her offspring. She didn’t receive proper care or nurturing and when she was no longer producing offspring at her previous pace, her breeder decided it was time for her to go. Crystal is valued at the Sanctuary and has become a favorite resident. Sponsor Crystal or one of the other resident hens for $10 a month ($120 a year).


Rudy receives welcomed snuggles on Christmas morning.

Rudy was rescued along with a couple hundred roosters from a cock-fighting ring in Southern California. Rudy now lives his life blind due to injuries received from his former life. We are so happy to have him here at the sanctuary. He is truly the sweetest residents! Rudy shares his living quarters with 2 handicapped hens, 2 single-winged pigeons and 4 rabbits. Sponsor Rudy or one of the other roosters for $10 a month ($120 a year)

Ever-watchful, Wiley

Ever-watchful, Wiley

Many years ago Wiley showed up at the Sanctuary. He repeatedly paced the fence and seemed determined to get in. We went through the usual routine in an attempt to find his people, but no one ever contacted us or came for him. We don’t know where Wiley came from, but he knew he wanted to live at Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary.Wiley or any of the other resident dogs can be sponsored for $35 a month ($420 a year).


Fred and Hissie settling in and anticipating the Sanctuary pond

Fred and Hissie are new residents at the Sanctuary. They were pinioned early in life to enable them to fly, but recently their partners had been taken by a predator and the boys were then confined to a small pen with no access to swimming water. Fred is completely blind andHissie has one eye that is starting to cloud. Many of our resident geese were rescued from a Foie Gras farm in the Bay Area, others came to us from people who could no longer care for them. We have taken Fred and Hissie in with the hope of giving them some quality time in the Sanctuary pond for their last years. These old boys are settling in nicely and getting acquainted with our other resident geese. You can sponsor one of the Sanctuary’s many geese for $15 a month ($180 a year).




Baberham was brought to Pinecreek Veterinary Clinic to be euthanized when he was 6-months old. He was covered in sores, had a significant amount of hair loss, his nails were severely overgrown and he had been living in feces. The Clinic treated him for mites and he quickly recovered and became lonely for friends. After some time living it up at the vet hospital, Baberham came to the Sanctuary to  live with the other Guinea pigs. Sponsor Baberham or any of the other Guinea Pigs for $15 a month ($180 a year).


Frankie is our most recent addition to the Sanctuary. We took Frankie in after a kind hearted person rescued him from a turkey farm just before Thanksgiving, but was then unable to keep him due to his manly turkey call! Frankie is very sweet and at the Sanctuary he is loved by all! Frankie can be sponsored for only $15 a month ($180 a year).



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